The Wall | Trump’s Campaign Promise is Irrelevant

During this tough week of debate over the border wall and whether or not the government will shutdown over the holidays, it’s important for Trump, Ryan and McConnell to take a step back and properly interpret the dynamics of this conflict.

The root of the problem is the fact that Trump became president as a result of electoral college votes – 304 (Trump)  to 227 (Clinton). But Trump never had a mandate for his agenda. Clinton won the popular vote 65,844,610 to Trump’s 62,979,636, a difference of 2,864,974.

The Legislative Branch is aligned with the popular vote. Each Congressional Representative represents the interest of 700,000 Americans. Each Congressional Representative becomes an advocate for what’s best for their particular constituent base. Two Senators represent each state; some Senators represent a few million, others represent many millions. So clearly with a difference of 2,864,974 in popular vote against the president, we immediately recognize that Trump is working against high tide. There are not enough Americans that support Trump’s demand for a wall, which is why he’s throwing a tantrum. So then why are McConnell and Ryan allowing Trump to muscle away their power?

The Legislative Branch is separate from the Executive Branch. It doesn’t matter that Trump promised his base a wall. It’s irrelevant. Trump can find a way to pay for the wall out of his own pocket if he feels it’s imperative to deliver on the promise.

It’s very clear that Trump is yet again trying to usurp the power of the Legislative Branch by threatening to shut down the government unless he gets his wall. The numbers simply are not in Trump’s favor. They never were and never will be. Bullying the Legislative Branch into submission just drives home the point that Trump does not respect our three Branches of Government and is determined to undermine the Legislative and Judicial Branches in order to secure autocratic power in the United States.

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