Trump’s Miserable Christmas Eve

It’s Monday Christmas eve, and across the globe Christians are stopping our busy lives for a brief moment to gather with family and friends and reflect on why Christ came to earth, and what his message was to humankind. Treat others the way you want to be treated immediately comes to mind.

It’s humbling to assess Christ’s example, and ponder personal choices, particularly over the past twelve months, and measure how they compare to the expectations of the higher being up above. It’s heartening to know we can keep on improving in the upcoming days and months, at a steady pace, one day at a time.

Emotional sentiments are really the magic of Christmas, particularly Christmas Eve as we eagerly await – with high hopes – the wonder and excitement of December 25.  For me, Silent Night by the Temptations is the distinctive symbolic expression that immediately conjures up all the deep, warm feelings, woven throughout a lifetime, that grounds the human spirit and strengthens a commitment to do what’s right.

It seems so clear this holiday season that the immediate threat to all things good, is the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Checking his Twitter feed to see if he’d been doing any soul searching this Christmas Eve, especially in light of the #TrumpShutdown, on the heels of the most frightening weeks in recent American history, it’s troubling to see further proof of Trump’s evilness… and yet encouraging all the same. Evil is exactly why Christ came to earth over two thousand years ago. To set the example for how to overcome evil, and keep hope alive in this pursuit.

An evil soul is always miserable. Clearly Trump is that. His Christmas Eve 2018 Twitter feed reveals a troubled, twisted mind. Trump doesn’t seem to have a conscience, so he doesn’t process shame or guilt, instead he rants, raves, lashes out and points fingers. Trump provides a great example of what Herod must have been like during Christ’s time.

The tweets are in chronological order beginning very early in the morning and running through the day. How can he possibly begin tweeting at 6:31 AM?











Our enemies across the world must do this every day… collects all the tweets and interpret. Psychological analysis is the reason Putin has been so successful at manipulating Trump. Putin likely began psych analysis more than a decade ago.

The Christmas gift America needs right now is Mueller’s Report, or better yet… Mueller’s indictment of President Donald J. Trump.


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