Was This The Most Elusive Comment Trump Made At CPAC? | The Big Tell

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report |Opinion| March 3, 2019) –  Trump’s unexpected two hour CPAC speech was the mother lode. I’m sure the majority of us were curious to see how Trump would rage during his first public appearance following Michael Cohen’s dramatic hearing with the House Oversight Committee last week. Of course, there are multiple filters that could have been used to cull significant intel, so we’ll each have a different take on which soundbites are most significant. The two filters used to gather several snippets highlighted below were:

  •  possible coded threats
  • possible directing specific supporters to carry out specific acts

Michael Cohen was threatened through various tweets, the first dark tweet was by Trump back in January, which resulted in Cohen initially refusing to testify publically out of concern for his family.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 11.50.06 PM.png

And then there was the infamous tweet by Florida Rep Matt Gaetz on the eve of Michael Cohen’s testimony that had everyone alarmed, including the GOP. Less than 24 hours after Gaetz’s overt threat, the Florida Bar Association announced it was investigating.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 11.59.31 PM.png

Throughout Trump’s rambling, discombobulated two hour speech, that appeared to be stream of consciousness, yet simultaneously follow a somewhat organized path similar to the frame of an oak tree, with multiple branches springing off from Trump’s primary talking point, that of listing his endless accomplishments (haha), and outlining what wanted/subtly demanded supporters to pressure their congressional representatives to deliver for him, and mocking Dems at every turn.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 11.41.02 PM.png

Like a twisting vine winding it’s way up the trunk and around the branches, was a constant call-to-action cue to Representative Mark Meadow (R-NC), the GOP hero of the Cohen hearing:

“Where’s the great Mark Meadows? Man, Mark and Jim Jordan and…I want to name every damn one of them… couple of hundred people, because we do have a lot… they have been incredible. They’ve been fighting… they fight so hard on this witch hunt, this phony deal that they’ve put together.”

Then repeatedly, seemingly from out of nowhere, yet clearly a directive, Trump would state “Meadows” in the middle of a sentence as if it was a filler word such as “like” or “umm.”

  • “How about this Meadows?”
  • “Why, Meadows, why?”
  • “Meadows”

There appeared to be two alarming calls-to-actions to his his white nationalist supporters:

  • “The key is in the color, Make America Great Again… right? Right?” (Trump was emphasizing the importance of red. Is red a code word for blood?)
  • “…reclaiming our nation’s priceless heritage, it’s time… with your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals. These are serious, serious betrayals to our nation and everything we stand for.”

But the true shocker was the one below. It’s haunting. This caller reached the President of the United States on Saturday morning. Trump’s CPAC speech was to begin at 11:30 AM. By the following description in Trump’s own words, the caller sounds like a Russian Oligarch or similar… or Putin himself (except for the “from New York” part, although Trump does lie constantly, so New York could be the lie). I write this, yet have to acknowledge that many believe Trump was referring to Michael Cohen here. Maybe he was, but even that’s bizarre. Michael Cohen called Trump Saturday morning? Incredible. Michael Cohen can’t talk to a crowd? Sure he can. Is Trump actually implying that Michael Cohen killed someone for him, or is the remark just figurative? Perhaps SDNY is investigating this. Truth? Michael Cohen made an equally incredulous statement in his testimony, regarding Trump’s campaign trail assertion, that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and get away with it. Cohen assured the public that this was true, leaving viewers with the impression that this had actually happened. So the following seems to confirm what Cohen said in his hearing about Trump signaling information to others through his public comments:

“A great friend of mine from New York. He’s a stone cold killer. He’s a brutal man. He’s actually not even a good friend of mine because he’d turn on me in two seconds. But he’s a very rich guy. And he said, ‘What are you going to speak about today?'” … “I said, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know.'” …  “He kills people for a living, meaning mentally and financially.”

After such a jarring introduction, during which Trump explained the killer wasn’t a good public speaker, and couldn’t talk to more than “nine people” in a group, the mysterious caller then asked Trump, “How do you do that?” How can you talk to such large crowds? Trump barreled down a stunning offshoot, lauding the massive size of his inauguration and his many overflowing rallies, “every seat taken,” explaining the few empty seats at one event. It was perplexing. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. But in the back of mind, I was plagued by the thought of “the stone cold killer” calling trump (to mess with him mentally, perhaps?) and ask him (pressure him?) about what he was going to talk about? Very strange.

  • How did such a man get through to our president?
  • Why was the man concerned about what Trump might say during his speech?
  • Why did Trump say “I don’t know, I don’t know?”
  • Why two “I don’t knows” rather than one? You typically say it twice if you’re panicking.
  • Why would Trump tell the audience and the world that this man is a “stone cold killer?”
  • Since it’s clear he shouldn’t have, then it seems he did so intentionally, why?
  • Was this a threat to someone watching?
  • Trump went on to mock the stone cold killer, this while explaining that the man couldn’t talk to crowds, Trump grabbed his throat as if he was choking himself and gave a mini spasm that was reminiscent of the moment Trump mocked a disabled reporter during his campaign.

So, it’s the 28:40 mark of the CPAC speech that gets a big red flag from this listener.

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