Month: June 2022

What Is Your Community’s Climate Action Plan?

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | June 27, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock

The following is the requested feedback to Fairfax County’s draft Resilient Fairfax Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, put forth for public comment from May 16, 2022 through June 15, 2022.

With so many lives at stake, as well as the survivability of the human species, it’s vitally important for every single one of us to voice our positions, and our objections when something seems amiss with our local community/county’s climate action plans, including its timeline. Everything we do and don’t do in 2022-2024 will be hyper-analyzed in the future. The IPCC, the UN, many global leaders and thousands of scientists have repeatedly warned about the urgency to act immediately. Yet so few local governments are following through.

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Top 9 Immediate Concerns with High Heat

Washington (ONGC) Analysis |June 7, 2022 by author and climate journalist Noreen Wise

In a recent interview with American radio personality Thom Hartmann, distinguished climatologist Dr. Michael E. Mann explained that our global climate is warming “on pace as the models predicted,” but the consequences of global warming are playing out much faster and more profoundly than anticipated. “We may be in store for more extreme weather than the models predict,” Mann emphasized.

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