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Breakthrough Tech Start-up Antora Energy to Receive $50M | Thermal Battery

Washington (GGM) Analysis | February 21, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock

Decarbonizing American industry in order to reach our Paris Agreement targets and save humanity has seemed like an impossible mission thus far. The high heat necessary to produce materials like steel, cement, paper, aluminum, plastics, chemicals, etc, which require temperatures above 1000ºC, (steel melts at 1500ºC), haven’t been achievable at a scalable cost. This is an alarming reality considering American industry must eliminate 8 gigatons of carbon (GtC) per year. That’s 8 billion tons of carbon per year by 2050, and 4 GtC by 2030. The steel industry on its own must cut 3 of the 8 GtC, and the cement industry, 2 of the 8 GtC.

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Carbon Capture and Removal Start-up Verdox Launches with $80 Million Commitment

Washington (GGM) Analysis | February 3, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock

Start-up Verdox has officially launched after being awarded an $80 million commitment for direct carbon capture and removal from three investment firms: Prelude Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital and Bill Gate’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The revolutionary electrochemical technology was pioneered by MIT’s  Professor T. Alan Hatton and Dr. Sahag Voskian.

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Will Ocean CO2 Removal Work? | Great Potential

Washington (GGM) Analysis | January 24, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author; Image Credit Noreen Wise

Following the December 10, 2021 super tornado that cut a path of destruction through 8 states, with winds ranging from 90 mph to as high as 300 mph in at least one Kentucky location, and catastrophic damage totaling $3.9 billion, climate scientists again sounded another urgent call for immediate action as we rang in 2022.

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Making Products by Capturing Factory Carbon Emissions

Washington (GGM) Opinion | January 6, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author 

Converting industry greenhouse gases into valuable commercial products before the carbon dioxide reaches the air is the type of innovation that global leaders and green venture capitalists have been longing for.

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Wind Trees and Wind Walls | Wind Is Fastest Growing Clean Energy

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | January 2, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture

Wind power is growing faster than any other utility, including fossil fuels, John Doerr notes in his new book, Speed & Scale, An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis NowHe explains that wind has a higher market share than solar and that these two clean energy sources naturally compliment each other rather than compete.

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Watermelons In the Desert | “From Sand to Hope”

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | December 9, 2021, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture

For the millions of passionate and determined people across the globe who are championing nature-based climate solutions, boosting soil health to grow more crops, trees, and biodiversity, is of critical importance. The IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) warns that 75 percent of the Earth’s land is degraded. The 2020 documentary, Kiss the Ground, cautioned that unless we fix our soils, we only have 60 harvests left.

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Why Can’t We Use Lightweight Hazmat Suits? | Innovation

Washington (GGM) Analysis | March 19, 2020
NWHillReport-Pic by Noreen Wise

As an American, it’s impossible for me not to try and overcome a traumatic challenge. It’s been ingrained in me since birth, that in a free society, especially one founded on capitalism, that innovation is the next step when challenges loom large.

A certain segment of American society will immediately jump into overdrive to conjure up a list of possibilities and then field feedback. So please forgive me for wondering why we all don’t invest in lightweight modern day hazmat suits. That’s just the American way. Imagine the endless new inventions if we try and save the livelihoods of some of the 20%, by attempting to minimize the trauma the cataclysmic covid-19 horror has netted.

I dusted off the old Cold Era hazmat suit I bought during a terrorism warning one year. It’s military issued, from a pawn shop. It must be 40 years old, but it will certainly suffice in a pinch (considering I missed the window of opportunity to buy a face mask AND hand sanitizer and may have to run out for food, since I missed that “stock up” chance as well). So, I’ve been stressing. This is better than nothing at all.

HillReport3-19-20aHillReport3-19-2020b HillReport3-19-20c

But as I was scrubbing the gloves clean last night (not sure why they were covered in gritty dust, and too scared to find out), I began to imagine modern iterations.

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The takeaway? Let’s begin IMAGINING clever, new innovations to help us ALL get through this better than we would otherwise, and hopefully save a lot of lives and livelihoods along the way.

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