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The Mysterious, Recurring Trump Tweet | Secret Signal?

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Analysis | May 21, 2019) –  Trump has tweeted hundreds of thousands of bizarre, freaky tweets that have rattled millions across the globe. Pointing out one and labeling it as concerning will likely fall on deaf ears, but it seems important to note the anomaly regardless.

In the big scheme of things, this tweet might seem more like Trump’s heroic effort to act presidential for a few seconds a week. However, the constant repetition of the same message – a message Trump has embroidered on his HATRED RED HAT, a sentiment and hat that’s become the emblem for white nationalist vengeance against the world, particularly its American homeland – now seems more like a secret code to Trump’s white nationalist army. And look at the time stamp on this tweet, 4:01 AM on Friday morning May 17, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 5.05.50 PM.png

Ten minutes later, Trump tweeted what really seemed to hint at the stick in his craw:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 5.13.29 PM.png

Perhaps Trump was disgruntled over Jerry Nadler’s successful hearing on Executive Privilege conducted by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday May 15, 2019. The Hearing was a homerun for the House oversight function over the Executive Branch. Totally understandable why Trump was infuriated. The House was granted a green light around the obstacle that Attorney General Bill Barr has become. Surely Trump was terrified and having a difficult time sleeping.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 5.14.08 PM.png

Hopefully, Homeland Security is tracking all the “MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN” tweets and monitoring white nationalist response. The Mueller Report mentions Trump tweets as a method to influence jurors in the Manafort trial, as well as letting Manafort know he’d be pardoned if he remained loyal.

Here’s s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN tweet during a rally in Florida that has photos. Nice. The image is likely filled with white nationalists.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 5.32.40 PM.png

There are several others that have a few sentences of words included. But it’s the all cap MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN that really stands out as a signal. A red flag of sorts. Trump had a whole series of these one sentence tweets following the Michael Cohen hearing. So as we enter a bumpy road up ahead with Trump and the House Oversight, it might be best to check daily for this particular Trump tweet RED FLAG and be cautious.

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Coast Guard White Nationalist Will Remain in Jail Until Trial

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Perspective | May 17, 2019) –  Monday May 13, 2019, U. S. District Judge George J. Hazel of Maryland boldly overturned U. S. Magistrate Judge Charles Day’s ruling of the preceding week and ordered USCG Lt Christopher Hasson reman in jail on weapons charges until his trial. The trial date has not yet been set.

Hasson, who faces up to 31 years in prison, is a 50 year old self-declared white nationalist, arrested on February 15, 2019, with plans to kill “nearly everyone on earth.” Hasson made a hit list of Democratic leaders, Supreme Court Justices, social media executives and top “leftist” journalists with the implication that they had to be slaughtered. Based on the material seized upon his arrest, it was determined that Hasson idolized Norway extremist Anders Behring Breivik who massacred 77 in 2011, most of whom were students. Breivik penned a 1,500 page manifesto for the purpose of inspiring other like-minded white nationalists, When arrested, Hasson was in the possession of 15 firearms and 1,000 rounds on ammunition. The initial court filing described Hasson as a “domestic terrorist” who was determined to “murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.11.54 PM.png

Hasson stated in a letter to a friend that was included in the initial court filing, “I am a long time White Nationalist, having been a skinhead 30 plus years ago before my time in the military.” One of several Google searches that revealed Hasson’s intentions was the phrase “civil war if trump impeached.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.11.08 PM.png

Last week on May 7, 2019, U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Day ordered that Hasson be released until trial, despite his “grave concerns.” According to the TRIBLive, Day outlines that Hasson was to be be “released to the custody of in-laws at a home in Virginia, with 24-hour monitoring by GPS.”

Charlottesville, VA | White Nationalist rally August 12, 2017

Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) & Tim Kaine (D-VA) introduced legislation on March 27, 2019 (S-894 Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2019), less than two weeks after the New Zealand white nationalist massacre, to address the domestic terrorism threat. Senator Kaine acknowledged that “the rise of white supremacy is an undeniable threat to the safety of our communities.” The bill is currently in committee, waiting to be debated, although it’s not expected to move forward anytime soon due to the fact that GOP senators do not believe white nationalists are a threat.

Charlottesville, VA | White Nationalist rally August 12, 2017

White nationalists often communicate using symbols:

  • The number 14 is big. It represents the 14 words in the white nationalist slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Tennant affixed “14” to the rifle he used to slaughter 50 in New Zealand. There are times when symbolic numbers are chosen for the day of an attack, which could potentially mean May 14, 2019.
  • 88, which represents “Heil Hitler” – H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so HH = 88
  • 1488, combination of the two
  • Boots and laces – skinheads prefer to wear steel-toed work boots with red or white laces tied a certain way
  • Confederate flag
  • American Flag
  • Echo symbol ((( ))) symbolizes Jewish, so (((banker))) means Jewish banker
  • H8 – another form of HH or 88 that also conveys HATE
  • The color red
  • ETCScreen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.41.09 PM.png

Be on alert.
If you See Something, Say Something.

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Time to Pass Legislation Limiting Acting Secretaries

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Analysis | April 29, 2019) –  President Trump’s strategy of utilizing acting secretaries instead of permanent secretaries is in direct conflict with the US Constitution and has reeked havoc on the soundness of our United States federal government. Our national security has been undermined, our checks & balances have been disrupted, our divisive President is now almost completely unfiltered, and our overall well-being has been severely compromised.

The following is a list of the US Cabinet positions:

  • Vice President  – Mike Pence
  • Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo
  • Secretary of the Treasury – Steven Mnuchin
  • Secretary of Defense – Patrick M. Shanahan (ACTING, effective January 1, 2019)
  • United States Attorney General– William Barr
  • Secretary of the Interior – David Bernhardt 
  • Secretary of Agriculture – Sonny Perdue
  • Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross
  • Secretary of Labor – Alex Acosta
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services – Alex Azar
  • Secretary of Housing and Human Development – Ben Carson
  • Secretary of Transportation – Elaine Chao
  • Secretary of Energy – Rick Perry 
  • Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Robert Wilkie
  • Secretary of Homeland SecurityKevin McAleenan (ACTING, effective April 11, 2019) 
  • White House Chief of Staff – Mick Mulvaney, (ACTING, effective January 2, 2019)
  • Director of the Office of Management and Budget – Mick Mulvaney
  • Director of National Intelligence – Dan Coates
  • Director of CIA – Gina Haspel
  • Administrator of the EPA – Andrew Wheeler
  • US Trade Representative – Robert Lighthizer
  • US Mission to the United NationsJonathan Cohen (ACTING, effective January 1, 2019)rs – Kevin Hassett
  • Head of SBAChris Pilkerton  (ACTING, effective April 13, 2019)

There’s been much debate about why Trump is allowing so many gaping holes in our country’s leadership. It’s very difficult to comprehend. We have a staggering population of more than 328 million. A massive landmass. And a myriad of intense challenges to overcome. Leaving vitally important positions unfilled is irresponsible and begs the question, is Trump unfit for office? Several of these Cabinet posts are the most critical in our country. It’s time to bring this matter to conclusion by passing legislation that limits the acting status to 90 days, as well as allowing no more than two acting cabinet members at the same time, or something to this effect.

It appears Trump’s strategy of maintaining acting secretaries rather than nominate premanent secretaries is for several strategic purposes:

  • Acting Secretaries don’t challenge Trump’s decision making, which Trump feels gives him more flexibility (and power, making him that much more authoritative)
  • They’re more likely to follow orders, even if Trump’s orders are against the law
  • They don’t demand bringing in their own team to assist
  • Trump doesn’t have to worry as much about the 25th Amendment
  • Several of the acting secretaries haven’t been confirmed by congress, but are still making critical decisions that impact the American public

CALL TO ACTION. Tell Congress that it’s imperative they pass legislation to minimize the use of acting secretaries.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.51.11 PM.png

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What’s the Progress on S66 Assault Weapons Ban?

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Perspective | April 23, 2019) –  With the horror of 320 lives lost on Easter day, in coordinated attacks by ISIS across Sri Lanka in Christian churches and high end hotels, we have just learned that the slaughter was in retaliation of the New Zealand Mosque massacre by a white supremacist on March 15, 2019. Will this now morph into an epic see-saw battle that rages on for years? A  never ending pendulum of attacks against soft targets all over the globe? What positive outcome has an eye-for-an-eye ever netted?

In light of this possibility actually occurring, it’s time for the American public to refocus our commitment on Common Sense gun laws.

January 9, 2019 Senator Diane Feinstein introduced S66, the Assault Weapons Ban 2019. It was quickly referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), where it has since languished for three and a half months, untouched.

This is a call to action to move forward with the Assault Weapons Ban. It’s imperative that the senate take American safety seriously. The Department of Homeland Security is in disarray following the resignation of DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, and is now without an official secretary. Further, the agency has apparently narrowed, and redefined, it’s main purpose, now focusing its attention primarily on Southern Border security, leaving the impression that there are significant swaths of our national security that aren’t being properly monitored, specifically domestic terrorism and the white supremacist threat. These bad actors are seemingly the ones most inclined to rely on assault weapons as their preferred weapon of choice.

The best way to neutralize the white nationalist/white supremacist threat is to  pass Common Sense gun legislation. Both the Background Check Bill HR8 and the Assault Weapons Ban 2019 S66 are stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It only takes 60 seconds for each of us to call our two Senators and demand that S66 and HR8 be scheduled for debate in May.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 10.24.41 PM.png

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Trump’s Delusion Clearly Impacts His Decision Making

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Opinion | April 8, 2019) –  We’ve always known that Trump’s delusions impact his decision making. It no longer shocks anyone. And yet, what we’re now experiencing two plus years into the Trump presidency, is that without the multiple layers of advisors and adults, acting as filters to constrain Trump, he’s become unleashed, publicly demanding that Americans break laws he deems necessary in order to accomplish his agenda. Meanwhile, for anyone else who violates the law, it’s zero tolerance. Maximum punishment. No forgiveness.

At the border in Calexico, California on Friday April 5, 2019, Trump stunned border agents by telling them not to let migrants in, announcing our country is “full.” Trump underscored the point, by advising to a group that if a judge orders them to let migrants in, they should respond by stating, “Sorry, judge, I cannot do it. We don’t have the room.”

This shocker is in line with multiple similar examples across the past 27 months, one of which was outlined in Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House. Trump, Mattis and several others were discussing the crisis in Syria, when Trump advised that he wanted to assassinate Assad. Mattis was unnerved, assessing that Trump’s understanding of national security was that of a “fifth or sixth grader.”

Similarly, Tillerson was so confounded by Trump’s lapse of discernment that he used to the word “moron” to describe Trump. John Kelley referred to Trump as “an idiot.” McMaster called Trump a “dope.” Again, Friday’s public display at the border in Calexico, CA seems to be a similar occurrence of what these past extreme frustrations were all about.

But now that so many “adults” have departed, and we’re left with too many unqualified acting secretaries, do they have the capacity to say “NO” to Trump? It’s alarming.

Trump seems incapable of comprehending that no matter how many border agents, how much technology, how many deterrents, how much money, nothing is ever 100%. We have nearly 850,000 sworn Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in the United States and yet there’s still crime. There are 1.3 million active duty military, and yet there’s no peace. Over 3.6 million elementary and secondary teachers, yet too many students are uneducated.

Trump’s inability to process reality is taking it’s toll. We’re all watching and experiencing the fallout in painful slow motion. From the thousands of migrant families shattered, children caged, psychological trauma, 35 day shutdown, national emergency, troops to the border. It’s insane. Literally insane. Seriously, Friday in Calexico was proof positive of just how unfit Trump is. Two years of leaked red flags from accomplished leaders. And now, in our face, point blank, unfiltered. There’s no denying it. Trump is unhinged.

This is frightening.

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Trump Doesn’t Play Chess, Does He? | Kirstjen Nielsen’s Abrupt Departure

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Opinion | April 8, 2019) –  With Sunday evening’s sudden departure of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, followed by the quick replacement of Kevin McAleenan as acting department of homeland security secretary, Trump may soon find that he’s inadvertently checkmated himself.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.14.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.14.11 PM.png

Trump isn’t a strategist. He relies on his gut. He lies. He’s hyperbolic. And he suffers from delusion. He’s now turned over nearly his entire cabinet in two short years. With an acting secretary leading the Department of Homeland Security, a department employing more than 240,000, caught in the confluence of several significant crises, it amounts to chaos.

Who is Kevin McAleenan? Mr. McAleenan was confirmed as by the Senate in 2018 as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He began his career with CBP in 2001 and served as Deputy Commissioner under Obama.

McAleenan is one of several acting secretaries. Additionally, we have Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan, Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, and Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

The truth is, not many will miss Kirstjen Nielsen. Her exit is reminiscent of Scott Pruitt’s and Steve Bannon’s departure. The American public is cheering. Nielsen will be remembered as a blind Trump loyalist. Complicit in her silence. Ripping apart thousands of traumatized families fleeing despotic regimes where they faced near certain death. Thousands of separated children were caged, many of whom have been sexually assaulted. And through it all, an overwhelming indifference to their plight, and the longterm psychological impact the trauma has inflicted on them. Stunningly, a recent report confirmed it will take at least two years to unite the children with their parents.

Kirstjen Nielsen was interviewed by Chris Cuomo during Cuomo Prime Time on Thursday evening April 4, 2019, the day before she met Trump at Calexico, CA and participated in a roundtable with law enforcement and border patrol. During the Cuomo Prime Time interview, Nielsen was a remade woman, speaking about the humanitarian  crisis at the border and aligning herself with a newfound understanding about this grim reality. It’s unclear what elevated Nielsen’s altered position. Perhaps it was the recent leaked internal military memos about how senseless it is to waste the valuable time of troops and resources at the border, in light of the fact that there are so many other more dangerous crises.

Trump is storming ahead, undaunted by potential blowback. He now claims our country is “FULL.” Whereas, just a month ago on March 2, 2019 at CPAC, Trump announced we needed more immigrants to fill hundreds of thousands of job openings that currently can’t be filled.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.53.53 PM.png

“Captures”…? We capture terrorists, not asylum seekers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.31.00 PM.png

It appears Trump’s gut isn’t informing him about the precarious position he now will find himself. With so many acting secretaries, it will be difficult for Trump to be considered a legitimate candidate in the 2020 election. The acting secretaries are a weak link. This issue alone may be all that’s needed to dethrone Trump.

Many whisper that Trump wants to keep his acting secretaries in order to prevent being ousted by his cabinet using the 25th Amendment. Yet, will he be tempted to fill the roles if an advisor explains the acting secretaries undermine his re-election chances? Finding candidates for the official secretary positions may prove impossible. How many are willing to give up their careers to work for Trump for a few months? Potential candidates now know how Trump operates, and what his agenda is, and what his expectations are, so it seems unlikely that the qualified will accept the opportunity. That leaves the unqualified. Can they even be confirmed now that 21 GOP Senators are up for re-election in 2020 and have found their voices?

Is this checkmate?

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Is Border Wall A Cover For Russian Nuclear Subs In Gulf of Mexico?

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Opinion | April 6, 2019) –  As Russian collusion fever starts to escalate again, following a week of aggressive “collusion delusion” posturing by Trump, the one piece of the puzzle we must remember to factor into the equation is Russia’s monitoring of, and reaction to, the Trump|Russia election interference collusion political firestorm.

Is Trump intentionally trying to provide Russia cover to sneak undetected into the Gulf of Mexico and test their new stealth weapon systems, while Trump distracts the American public, and our military, by demanding all eyes be locked onto the southern border? And that troops be sent there as well. Staggering number of families destroyed, billions of dollars spent, endless hours debating whether a physical wall is logical or relevant in protecting the southern border from what amounts to a vast majority of asylum seeking women, children and families seeking safety and protection.

Since the wall along the southern border seems so pathetic and irrational, one can’t help but wonder what Trump’s ulterior motives might be? Distraction. Russian systems testing. A classic magic trick. It’s time to ponder the possibility.

“‘NATO members are alarmed by the growing threat from Russian submarines, and are investing more resources to deal with it,’ and Jorge Benitez, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who previously served as the lead on NATO issues for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. ‘Under Putin, Russia has deployed new, stealthier sumbmarines in the North Atlantic that are much harder for NATO navies to track.'” ~David B. Later, Defense News

Back in December 2018, there were a few weeks of twitter positings about the nuclear submarines that have been sneaking in and out of U.S. waters in the Gulf of Mexico for several decades.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 11.11.44 PM.png

And then just a few weeks ago, more posts about the new Russian stealth nuclear subs being tested out in the waters.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 1.22.19 AM.png

Perhaps there were several alarming issues that Mattis and Trump didn’t see eye to eye on, not just Syria. In fact, this nuclear threat is 1,000 times more alarming than the southern border. Why isn’t Trump concerned about this national security threat?

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 1.21.56 AM.png

Russia and Cuba have been allies since 1959, but in early November 2018 Russia and Cuba agreed to strengthen ties in 2019. Havana, Cuba is 90 miles from Key West. Russia is also bolstering relationships with other despots in Central America.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 11.03.17 PM.png

Translation of Trump’s bizarre, dangerous, life-threatening policies often takes time and research. But now that this Gulf of Mexico/Russian sub scenario seems highly probable – and that when Trump rages about the southern border wall, Russia is likely maneuvering and testing in the Gulf of Mexico or vicinity – if we can begin to believe that this sequence of events might be accurate, it may help our military save time and money detecting our arch enemy. Perhaps Trump’s border wall tweets, and visits to the border states, can be used as an early detection warning for Russian testing off the U.S. coastline.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 1.48.33 AM.png

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