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Trump’s Blanket Refusal to Comply | Executive Privilege Debated

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Perspective | May 20, 2019) –  Executive Privilege and Oversight were debated on Capitol Hill last week when the House Judiciary Committee held a Hearing on these issues following President Trump’s blanket refusal to comply with all House subpoenas, upending the vital U. S. system of checks & balances.

House Judiciary Members questioned a panel of experts who shared insights about the validity of Trump’s defiance of Constitutional norms. Trump has asserted that executive privilege allows for his refusal to comply. GOP loyalists on the Judiciary Committee repeatedly deflected throughout the hearing, making various unrelated statements such as that by Rep Ben Cline (R-VA), “this committee is driven by animosity toward the president,” there are more important issues that Congress should be focused on such as border security.

Four witnesses provided testimony and formed a panel to answer questions posed by Committee members:

  • KATE SHAW: Former lawyer in White House Counsel’s Office and current professor at Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law, NYC
  • JONATHAN TURLEY: George Washington University, Public Interest Law Professor
  • NEIL KINKOPF: Former Special Assistant, Justice Department, Clinton Administration, 1993-1997
  • PAUL ROSENZWEIG: Former Homeland Security Deputy Assistant, Secretary for Policy; Senior Fellow, National Security & Cybersecurity

During Representative Hakeem Jeffries’s (D-NY) five minutes, he stated that the House Judiciary Committee had plans to gather information relating to three specific subjects:

  1. Obstruction of Justice
  2. Abuse of Power
  3. Culture of Corruption

Representative Jeffries followed this clear-cut, direct statement, by asking Mr. Rozenzweig, “Do those three independent subjects provide a basis for which we should have a firm foundation to seek this grand jury material?”

Mr. Rozenzweig’s replied, “In my judgement, yes,” going on to explain that, “…this committee has not only a legitimate oversight interest, but one of the highest constitutional” obligations.

By the end of the Executive Privilege House Judiciary Hearing, it became clear that Trump has no legal basis to not comply with the House Oversight requests. That the Trump Administration appears to be intentionally blocking the next steps that were intended to be followed by the House after the release of the Mueller Report, and in so doing is keeping the American public from learning the facts. Mueller’s Report clearly outlines Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. By connecting all the dots in the Mueller Report, the implications is that Trump’s legitimacy is in question.

According to Vanity Fair, upon reading the Mueller Report, 426 former prosecutors found that Trump committed multiple felonies.

The House Judiciary Hearing on Executive Privilege successfully answered the question about whether the various House Committees have the law and the constitution on their side in moving forward with their oversight agenda. Indeed they do.

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DHS Secretary Nielsen’s Open Defiance of the American People

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Opinion | March 7, 2019) –  The festering disdain that seethes to the surface while trying to process DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s non answers to tough questions during the recent House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on Immigration & Border Security, reached a level of extreme disgust on Wednesday March 6, 2019, leaving viewers with a deep sense that Nielsen had proven herself incapable of managing the massive agency whose sole mission is to keep our nation safe.

Secretary Nielsen presented herself as woefully ill-prepared to provide the much needed facts and documentation to the most basic questions relating to issues so serious that the president has declared a National Emergency. This had a turbulent effect. At the center of this perpetual immigration and border security conflict, that has stretched across eighteen months of traumatic events, is one of two possible root causes. Secretary Nielsen is either severely unqualified or she’s incapable of acting on behalf of the American people.

Right out of the gate, no nonsense Representative Shelia Jackson Lee, directly questioned Nielsen’s loyalty to the American people, asking her point blank if she was free to make decisions in the best interest of the American people if it clashed with Trump’s interest.

“Can you independently make a decision contrary to the president of the United States, on behalf of the American people for what’s best for them?” ~Rep Jackson Lee



One would expect Secretary Nielsen to reply with a resounding, “Yes, of course.” Instead what was heard was:

“M’am, uh, what I can tell you is I take my oath with utmost, uh, extreme importance, uh-I always do my best.” ~ Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Representative Jackson Lee quickly interjected:

“Is your oath to the American people or is your oath to the president of the United States?”

Again, Nielsen’s response was slippery:

“No, Ma’am, the oath as you know is to the Constitution and the people.”

It was startling to hear what amounts to an outright admission that Nielsen bows to the president’s wishes. In a split second, the lighting blot realization that the Department of Homeland Security has been undermined, imparts a deep feeling of unsettledness. Changing the pronoun “your” to the definite article “the” boldly resonates with viewers. This is the textbook non answer to a direct question. Nielsen didn’t lie, instead she reassured her party-of-one listening back at the White House that she was indeed loyal to him.

It went straight downhill from there, with Representative Jackson Lee asking if Nielsen knew how many children were detained at the border… “Yes, I do.” … “How many?” … Nielsen replied something to the effect, “I don’t have that in front of me.”

Children’s lives are not a twisted word game. Twelve thousand children have been ripped from their parents arms. Locked into cages. Rampant sexual abuse. Yet, Nielsen can’t answer a straight question. Congress is up in arms. And our foreign enemies rub their hands with glee, a sparkle in their eye, plotting to destroy America, deducing that if this is the Secretary of America’s Department of Homeland Security, well then the cards are clearly stacked in their favor.

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Minimum Wage House Hearings


At 10:00a on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce will be hosting a Hearing in room 2175 Rayburn House office Building to discuss “Mandating the Minimum Wage: Consequences for Workers and Small Businesses.”

One year ago, Wednesday December 20, 2017, the sweeping tax overhaul was passed by the GOP controlled Congress and approved by the White House. This stunning gift to corporations – dramatically reducing the top corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% – was lauded as a sound strategy for netting higher wages for employees.

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25, and has remained at this level since 2009. Many states have deviated from this though, however the deviation is always based on a certain percent above minimum wage.

According to USA Today, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is the richest person in the World. His net worth is a staggering $151 billion. Sadly, Bezos’ extreme wealth is at the detriment of the Amazon’s 613,300 employees whose median annual compensation was “$28,466 (2017), according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Now is the opportunity to voice your objection to this type of disparity that results in many parents having to hold two jobs to make ends meet. Let’s make sure corporations deliver on their promise last December 2017. It’s okay to protect small businesses, Mom & Pops typically aren’t the billionaires. But mega corporations such as Amazon should certainly be paying a higher minimum wage.

Call or email your House Representative TODAY and share your views: !

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