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It Took Congress 76 Years to Approve Washington Monument

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report) –  It takes an excruciating long time for Congress to hammer out deals. Period. It’s been this way since the first Congress was sworn in on March 4, 1789. There’s no better example of this painstaking political process in a democracy, than the Washington Monument. In fact, the Washington Monument’s regal position smack in the center of National Mall facing the United States Capitol, seems to be a valiant tribute, a constant reminder, of Congress’s eternal battle to collect the many different points of view, persevere with noble determination, slow and steady to the bitter end, when a resilient compromise can finally be reached and delivered to the American people.

It’s much like alchemy. Lots of passionate fire, hammering and molding until the original material is completely transformed into valuable treasure.

George Washington, victorious general who overcame impossible odds in defeating the most powerful army on earth, with his ragtag team of militia, along with support from French allies, to liberate the colonies from British tyranny and become the United States of America. Our two term first president. Farmer. Statesman. Freemason. George Washington died on December 14, 1799, just two weeks shy of a new century. The country was in shock. We were so young. No one was sure if the “American experiment” would make it. But the one thing that every single solitary American was 100% certain of, was that we would build a magnificent statue or monument to honor and pay homage to this incredibly honorable, patriotic Founding Father.

Congress immediately set forth to pass a bill for just such a purpose. Our nation’s new capitol would be opening in Washington DC in 1800. The buildings were far behind schedule, the roads were a muddy mess, this dream looked impossible, yet the monument to George Washington was resolute. With every single member of congress for the bill, backed by every single citizen of America (save for a few hidden loyalists), how could it possibly take 76 years (July 5, 1876) for this bill to pass in Congress?

The devil is in the details. No one could agree on the design.

The Washington Monument should memorialize for Congress that they are indeed alchemists. That there will always be fire, and grit, scrupulous effort, give and take, to eventually arrive at a workable compromise. There are just so many different perspectives in a nation as massive as ours. Thus, we can never shutdown our government out of frustration over this eternal process. Battles to pass bills are the best examples of what democracy looks and feels like. Huzzah!

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The Ha Ha Border Wall & Our Founding Fathers

There have been borders and boundaries and enemies since the beginning of time. It seems that Trump would have us believe that borders, and citizens from foreign countries crossing borders, are a brand new phenomenon. These issues have all been worked out before, so why is this difficult for Trump?

In 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were enthralled with a sensational discovery they made while meandering through a British garden where they nearly stumbled into a Ha Ha, (originally, the French stated “Ooh-la-la” when they first saw this innovative border solution; the British shortened it to Ha Ha).

During the mid-to-late 1600’s, the Royal Society of London became passionately consumed with botany and horticulture. Landowners had always grown their own crops to feed their families, and raised their own farm animals. They created utility gardens for these necessities. But with the advent of the botanical age, they were eager to add an ornamental garden to their landscape, and struggled to find a solution for keeping the farm animals away from their ornamental masterpieces. They didn’t want barrier walls that would block the views of the flowering shrubs and trees and colorful flower beds. A creative problem solver came up with the clever idea to dig a ditch that would keep the animals on the utility side of the garden without blocking the views of the ornamental side.

Resourceful, flexible thinking usually nets excellent results. Trump is a complete 180 from our Founders. Is there any way to bend Trump’s rigid, cemented opinion?

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