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The Climate Crisis and the Catholic Church’s Mind-blowing Land Holdings

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | November 1, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture; Image Credit: AdobeStock

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest landowner on earth. The Holy See controls 71.6 million hectares around the world, the same surface area as France, according to One More Hectare. Further, much of the 71.6 million hectares is prime real estate, that if sold, would fetch a staggering sum or money.

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Going Green Without Losing the Clean

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | August 31, 2022 by Sarah J. Kings, Reprinted from April 18, 2021 publication; Image Credit AdobeStock

Now more than ever, keeping a clean home is rising to the top of the priority list.  As a parent, you are diligent in wiping down surfaces, disinfecting door-knobs, and beating back dust bunnies. But as you recycle container after container of Clorox Wipes and Febreze, you may be starting to wonder what impact this is having on the planet.  You might even be thinking about making some eco-friendly swaps to your cleaning routine.

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Deadly Lightning, Beware | Climate Change

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | August 22, 2022 by author and climate journalist Noreen Wise; Updated from original article, July 13, 2021

Climate change is impacting everything about our weather, down to the small details. From the heat of a forest fire, to the strength of a hurricane, the amount of moisture in clouds, and the force of rain microbursts, down to the size and intensity of a lightning strike. 

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Why Is Bolsonaro Harassing Leonardo DiCaprio?

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | August 2, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture, and author; Image Credit: Leonardo DiCaprio

No good deed ever goes unpunished. Environmentalist and legendary actor Leonardo DiCaprio, a global Hollywood phenomenon who’s devoted many tens of millions of dollars of his fortune, endless hours of his personal time and a huge portion of his platform to promote wildlife protection, environmental causes, climate action, and ocean and forest conservation on multiple continents, particularly South America in an effort to help save the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, comes under attack again following his two sentence tweet on July 26, 2022.

Dicaprio didn’t even mention Bolsonaro by name.

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DiCaprio’s Tweet Enrages Bolsonaro Who Shows His Fangs

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | May 4, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture, and author; Image Credit: Leonardo DiCaprio

Anyone who spends even the shortest amount of time on Twitter can instantly recognize how diplomatic Leonardo DiCaprio’s tweets are about the pressing need for immediate climate action, biodiversity restoration via rewilding, and the dangerous deforestation in the Amazon that not only threatens the survival of endangered wildlife, a cause very dear to DiCaprio’s heart, but also the survival of the entire human species.

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FINALLY! Ketchup Packaged In Glass | New Brands

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | April 17, 2022 by Noreen Wise | Reprint from December 24, 2019

Exciting update on the “Ketchup in a glass bottle sold locally” saga, a tale that has reached a positive outcome in just five weeks. Five weeks is a very short period of time to go from 0 to 60. This proves that social media is a very powerful solutions driver.

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Bitcoin’s Huge Carbon Footprint Is Destroying Environment

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | April 17, 2022 by Attorney Michael Wells

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” China poses military, economic, social, and environmental threats to the entire world. Yet, with the myriad threats it poses, one threat it has awakened, Bitcoin, threatens to shake — and possibly destroy — the environment. Although Bitcoin requires the most advanced computers performing dizzying calculations, it needs unfathomable amounts of energy, and that energy comes primarily from fossil fuels in China, namely coal.

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Say Yes to French Press | Ditch Your Keurig

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | April 17, 2022 by Sarah J. Kings

For years now, we have known that Keurig K-Cups are an environmental hazard.  Made from plastic, these little cups are too small to be properly sorted by recycling centers and machines.  Billions of K-Cups are piling up in landfills around the world, and many have been incinerated in Keurig’s program, Grounds to Grow On.  

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Palm Oil Deforestation | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | April 4, 2022 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Our New Green Culture, and author; Image Credit: AdobeStock

Historically, the arctic and the antarctic are polar opposites and never experience the same weather conditions at the same time. That is until Friday, February 18, 2022, when this scientific fact melted and our new climate conditions became that much more apparent. The Arctic reached 50 degrees above normal, while temperatures in Antartica skyrocketed as high as 70 degrees, which was way beyond the pale. Again, the simultaneous heating of both poles at the same time has never happened before, which shocked scientists.

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Mustang Mach-E and Ford Promise Plan

Washington (ONGC) Analysis | March 2, 2022 by Sarah J. Kings; updated August 30, 2022.

EVs are now at the forefront of most consumer’s minds, fueled by the reality that climate change impacts are already being felt around the globe as extreme weather events pummel all 7 continents. EVs are responsible for much lower emissions than their gas-powered counterparts, and they cost less overall to maintain and drive. Still, with starting prices ranging from $29,000 to upwards of $100,000- depending on the make and model- some people may be hesitant to switch to electric as economic concerns grow.

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