Wind Trees and Wind Walls | Wind Is Fastest Growing Clean Energy

Washington (GGM) Analysis | January 2, 2022, by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media, and author 

Wind power is growing faster than any other utility, including fossil fuels, John Doerr notes in his new book, Speed & Scale, An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis NowHe explains that wind has a higher market share than solar and that these two clean energy sources naturally compliment each other rather than compete.

Solar operates during the day, and wind turbines are more active at night when the wind is strongest.

John Doerr, Speed & Scale, An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now

The size of the wind turbines determine how much electricity it can generate. The taller the frame, the faster the wind speeds that can be channeled to generate more electricity. The only downside is that the size of the turbines limits the location where they can be placed. The largest wind farms are now being built offshore because of their size.

Heart of the matter. With wind energy taking off, but the turbine size limiting the location where turbines can be installed, innovators have jumped in and invented several original designs that will enable wind energy to be produced in more congested areas like cities and busy suburbs.

Aeroleaf by New World Wind

Inspired by nature, French inventor Jerôme Michaud-Larivière of New World Wind has created the aesthetically pleasing mini wind turbine Wind Tree, Wind Bush and Wind Petal. The first prototypes were tested between 2013-2016 in France, Belgium and Germany. New World Wind Wind Trees were recently installed at Place de la Concorde in Paris. Photos show additional Wind Trees in a park, along a street, on the boardwalk at a picturesque water front destination, and another on what appears to be a corporate campus. According to New World Wind’s Facebook page, a single oversized Aeroleaf Wind Petal was installed in Seoul, South Korea to power a charging station.

  • quiet
  • optimized for low wind speed
  • 32 feet tall
  • 36 Aeroleafs
  • each Aeroleaf is 3 feet tall
  • 5,400 watts
  • made of steel
  • can also recharge a car

Wind Turbine Wall by Joe Doucet

The kinetic wind wall was developed by NYC-based Joe Doucet. The rotary blade wall currently stands 8 feet tall and 25 feet wide, but can be adjusted. The framework is expected to be made of aluminum. 

Doucet’s wind wall hasn’t been tested yet, but seems ideal for American neighborhoods that have traditional wooden fences dividing yards. Additionally, the military would likely make good use of these 8 foot wind walls. Military bases usually have endless walls distributed throughout their bases. 

Wind wall overproduction will also be able to be stored in wall-mounted batteries just like solar, or monetized and fed back to the national grid.

Power technology ranked the top ten US states for wind production.

  1. Texas – 24,899 MW powering more than six million homes
  2. Iowa – 8,422 MW
  3. Oklahoma – 8,072 MW
  4. California – 5,885 MW
  5. Kansas – 5,653 MW
  6. Illinois – 4,861 MW
  7. Minnesota – 3,779 MW
  8. Colorado – 3,706 MW
  9. Oregon – 3,213 MW
  10. North Dakota – 3,155 MW

The United States is ranked number two in wind power, right behind China. As the wind market continues to grow at a rapid pace, more innovative improvements will be developed. China’s already cornered the market on manufacturing solar panels. It would be ideal if the United States could dominate the market on some segment of renewable energy manufacturing.

Check back each week for new climate optimism articles featuring innovative solutions that will help solve the climate crisis.

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