Dem’s Innovative Border Security Plan

The Democrats have proposed a very sophisticated, efficient, and economical security plan that will bring us forward in successfully accomplishing the mission of stronger security along our Southern border. President Trump apparently refuses to consider these innovative ideas.

We’re all familiar with the invisible fence created for our pets; these have existed for decades, ever since it was invented in 1973. The infinitesimal expense – especially when compared to the cost of a stone or concrete wall lining residential property, or even a wooden fence for that matter – in addition to the aesthetic advantages, have made invisible fences a very successful consumer product.

Ranchers have also been resourceful in coming up with innovative solutions in containing cattle and horses; and farmers are very creative in their methods of keeping predators away from crops. For example:

  • Invisible fence for Cattle – all that’s required are two components, the charger and the fence wire
  • Guard animals – Many farmers rely on guard animals to keep predators away from crops, examples: llamas, donkeys and dogs

With these proven solutions in mind, it makes sense that many lawmakers are thinking along these line for our Southern border. The options currently being floated by the Democrats, some of which were outlined by Senator Durbin on Meet the Press December 23, 2018 include:

  • Fund the Z Portal to dramatically increase the scanning of trucks and cars coming across border, we currently only screen approximately one out of five cars and trucks
  • Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT) system, “with radar, day and night cameras, and thermals imaging” to monitor thousands of miles of border; used along the border between Israel and Palestine
  • Predator Drone Aircraft, certain areas along the border in Texas are currently using this type of equipment for monitoring the border that the military brought back from Afghanistan

There are clearly many technological advancements that make border control much more simple and more advanced than the medieval stone wall of the 14th century that Trump is demanding.

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