Botanic Mysteries & Our Founding Fathers | Climate Action

Washington (Gallant Gold Media Hill Report | Analysis | July 29, 2019) –  Gallant Gold Media is very excited to announce our new public events to be held Saturdays on Capitol Hill.

Botany and nature and the American environment were of supreme importance to our Founding Fathers, and became the vehicle used to foster strong relationships with opposing forces as they tried to forge a path through the wilderness to build the framework of what would become the shining city on the hill, the United States of America.

Botanic Mysteries & Our Founding Fathers:

  • One and a half hours, interactive adventure through US Botanic Garden and portions of the Capitol Hill landscape. Discover the connection between our Founding Fathers and botany, and the secrets & mysteries that link botany to the passing of the US Constitution as well as several other significant historic events. The adventurous walk of discovery is more about our Founding Fathers’ deep connection to botany and how botany became the lens through which they established our nation’s foundation and framework, than it is about the science of botany.

Understanding how botany connects with the importance of planting trees and shrubs and all things green as a necessity in cutting carbon levels, will inspire a passionate resolve for the majority of us to reach the ideal individual carbon footprint.

We can do this. I hope you’ll join us Saturdays on the Hill…

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