Bartram’s Garden Philadelphia | Eco-Solutions

Washington (GGM) Analysis | June 9, 2020

Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, founded nearly 300 years ago by botany pioneer John Bartram, a plant hunter, who trekked through the American wilderness in search of unique species not native to Philadelphia, and returned with seeds, trimmings and saplings to plant on his farm, eventually acquired species from all thirteen colonies. Bartram’s garden now contains more species than any other botanical garden in North America, and is the longest surviving botanical garden on the continent.

In 1787, during the Constitutional Convention, when James Madison was trying to pass the US Constitution and the small states were at odds with the big states, after weeks of heated debates an immovable stalemate evolved. In apparent despair, Madison inspired several of the naysayers to journey with him to Bartram’s Garden to walk around for a few hours, believing nature to be a great cure, especially for troubled minds.

Madison’s stroke of genius worked. When they returned to cast their votes, several who had been at Bartram’s Garden changed their votes and the US Constitution was passed.

Bartram’s Garden | Photography by Noreen Wise All Rights Reserved

Nature is one of the most effective climate change solutions, and can successfully battle climate’s most vicious side effects. Scientists refer to nature’s positive impact on climate change as ecosystem based adaptation.

Spending a day at Bartram’s Garden over the weekend, made me feel as inspired as Madison must have felt back at the beginning in 1787. Extensive acres of layers upon layers of nature’s most wondrous species. What better way to cure such a destructive enemy than to beautify every inch of our landscapes with as much nature as possible. Come on, America, we can do this. We must begin today.

The layering of all different tree heights, shrubs, flowers, ivy, and ground cover, not only captures carbon, but captures and inspires the human spirit to respect and protect our vital resources and our children’s futures. 🌳

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