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Pesticide Chlorpyrifos Lowers Kids IQ | Bill to Ban

Washington (GGM) Analysis | February 2, 2019
NWHillReport-Pic by Noreen Wise

Chlorpyrifos was banned from home use in 2000, after years of monitoring its impact on public health. At the time, scientists proved conclusively that chlorpyrifos resulted in a permanent negative impact to public health, particularly children, when exposed. The chlorpyrifos damage to the American public includes:

In March 2017, shortly after Scott Pruitt was sworn in as EPA Director, Pruitt swiftly moved to reverse the late 2015 conclusion by the EPA that any of the existing predetermined tolerances to the exposure to chlorpyrifos were safe. Pruitt’s reversal, empowered farmers to continue the use of chlorpyrifos on our food supply.

The new year brought a breath of fresh, clean air to the federal legislature in DC, sweeping in the Democratic House Majority. On day one, January 3, 2019, Representative Nydia Velazquez of NY’s 7th District introduced  H.R. 230: Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 along with her 55 co-sponsors (54-D, 1-R) in a valiant effort to finally ban chlorpyrifos from farming and the American food supply.

Several big hurdles must be overcome before H.R. 230: Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 can be enacted and become law.

The next steps for Representative Nydia Velazquez and co-sponsors:

  • consider the bill in committee
  • bring to House floor for a vote
  • bring to Senate floor for a vote
  • signed by the President

CALL to ACTION: The American people must unite in support of this vital, life-saving ban on toxic chemicals. Call or email Congressional Representatives and Senators, as well as post on their Facebook Pages, to let them know that we demand their support for this critical Ban on Toxic Chemicals.