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How Kia Aims to Get Consumers Excited About & Driving EVs

Washington (GGM) Analysis | August 12, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

Kia is kicking electric and ‘alternative fuel’ up a notch. Their “line of the future” boasts over 6 cars that are either hybrid, hybrid plug-in, or fully electric. The end-game for Kia seems to be to increase accessibility and desire for electric cars.

Kia reminds  those trying to decide whether or not an electric car is within reach that they may be eligible for up to 10k in federal rebates. The hybrid and hybrid plug-in models cut down on gas usage, and widen the EV audience. Kia calls these models the “most accessible entry point into Alternative Fuel Vehicles.”  Speaking of broadening accessibility, Kia has even partnered with Amazon, to make buying and installing at home charging kits easier than ever.  

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The fully electric Soul,  and Niro crossover, are pretty impressive vehicles.  The Niro EV starts at $39,090 and Niro EV offers an EPA-estimated 239-mile range and 201 Electric Drive Motor Horsepower. With Rapid 100kW charging, the Niro has up to an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes! SImilar to Tesla, the crossover sports vegan leather seats, and is full of impressive technology.  Items like Apple Carplay and Wireless Charging are fun and convenient.  While features like Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA), Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW), and Lane Following Assist (LFA) are potentially lifesaving.

The Kia Soul is known to be a spunky, spacious and stylish car.  Winner of the 2020 World Car Awards- World Urban Car, the upcoming 2021 Soul EV is a highly anticipated electronic option.  According to Car and Driver, the  64.0-k battery of this model will outshine the 2019 model.  This 5 passenger hatchback offers an impressive 243 miles of driving range.  With  standard DC fast-charging capability, and smartphone charging pad, getting going is made fast and convenient.  

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With a myriad of fun and innovative options, it is clear that Kia is hoping people will ditch gas and become fully electric!  

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  • Kia has 6 electric, hybrid, or hybrid plugin models for consumers to choose from
  • Kia is increasing accessibility and desire for electric cars
  • Kia has partnered with Amazon to make buying and installing at home charging kits easy
  • Niro EV starts at $39,090 and Niro EV offers an EPA-estimated 239-mile range
  • The Niro EC has 100kW charging,, and gets an 80% charge in 30 minutes
  • The upcoming 2021 Kia Soul EV will have a 64.0-k battery and 243 miles of driving range

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