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Mustang Mach-E and Ford Promise Plan

Washington (GGM) Analysis | March 2, 2022 by Sarah J. Kings; updated August 30, 2022.

EVs are now at the forefront of most consumer’s minds, fueled by the reality that climate change impacts are already being felt around the globe as extreme weather events pummel all 7 continents. EVs are responsible for much lower emissions than their gas-powered counterparts, and they cost less overall to maintain and drive. Still, with starting prices ranging from $29,000 to upwards of $100,000- depending on the make and model- some people may be hesitant to switch to electric as economic concerns grow.

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No Way To Avoid Pain This Decade | Only Question is How Much

Washington (GGM) Analysis | November 26, 2021 by Noreen Wise, Founder & CEO of Gallant Gold Media

Not only is climate inaction more expensive than climate action, it’s also a lot more painful.

Fact: there is absolutely no way for us to stay below 1.5ºC without experiencing pain. We have to muscle up and get ready for a whole lot of unpleasantness. Once we recognize this, it becomes much easier to make the right choices: financial (ie higher gas prices), or endless extreme weather events that result in death and destruction. There’s also high heat intensity for prolonged periods that ravage our crops and wipe out our food supply while undermining our health.

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Top 3 Elite Standouts in EVs

Washington (GGM) Analysis | August 26, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

Vegan and sustainable are the new ‘it words’ in luxury right now. Fashion brands are phasing out fur and animal leather left and right, and high profile celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen are calling for climate change action every day. Brands are listening and developing product lines that meet the demands of the growing population of socially conscious consumers. The automotive industry is no different. 

Twitter- @AmberWCC

Luxury car companies are trying to top one another in EV development and the inclusion of other sustainable features in their latest models. Here are the top three luxury automakers and vehicles that are standouts in vegan and sustainable EVs. 

2020 Tesla Model 3- Over the last decade, Elon Musk has worked every angle to get his fully electric brand on the road. In 2020, when people think of EVs and luxury, they undoubtedly think of Tesla. This sexy 5-seater has 322 miles of range and can go from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Boasting a 15 inch touch screen display with features like in-car video games, this electric vehicle will never fail to impress. 

2021 Lexus UX300e- Lexus delivers a classic and contemporary crossover in the development of the UX300e. The crossover uses a 54.3-kWh lithium-ion battery, and has a driving range of 248 miles. Lexus offers a vegan leather interior and the ability to control smart features through an app on your phone. The UX300e is currently available in Europe and Asia only, providing an added layer of exclusivity and allure.

2021 BMW iNext- Said to be available in 2021, this is an elite concept vehicle unlike any you have ever seen. The modern interior styling– inspired by the theme “boutique hotel”– is unmatched. With responsive tech woven into the fabric of the seats-that allows users to change the music or by interacting with textile surfaces in the car- stepping inside of one will feel like being transported to the future! BMW’s sleek Shy Technology is an element like no other— it is a must-see. The iNext is said to have 360 miles of range on a single charge. Making this an unmatchable elite driving experience. 

Twitter- @LelaHo6

If you are looking to the world of luxury to rev up your sustainable lifestyle, look to Tesla, Lexus, and BMW. Their newest EVs and breakthroughs in technology are the wave of the future!

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How Kia Aims to Get Consumers Excited About & Driving EVs

Washington (GGM) Analysis | August 12, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

Kia is kicking electric and ‘alternative fuel’ up a notch. Their “line of the future” boasts over 6 cars that are either hybrid, hybrid plug-in, or fully electric. The end-game for Kia seems to be to increase accessibility and desire for electric cars.

Kia reminds  those trying to decide whether or not an electric car is within reach that they may be eligible for up to 10k in federal rebates. The hybrid and hybrid plug-in models cut down on gas usage, and widen the EV audience. Kia calls these models the “most accessible entry point into Alternative Fuel Vehicles.”  Speaking of broadening accessibility, Kia has even partnered with Amazon, to make buying and installing at home charging kits easier than ever.  

Twitter- @getElectricVeh

The fully electric Soul,  and Niro crossover, are pretty impressive vehicles.  The Niro EV starts at $39,090 and Niro EV offers an EPA-estimated 239-mile range and 201 Electric Drive Motor Horsepower. With Rapid 100kW charging, the Niro has up to an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes! SImilar to Tesla, the crossover sports vegan leather seats, and is full of impressive technology.  Items like Apple Carplay and Wireless Charging are fun and convenient.  While features like Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA), Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW), and Lane Following Assist (LFA) are potentially lifesaving.

The Kia Soul is known to be a spunky, spacious and stylish car.  Winner of the 2020 World Car Awards- World Urban Car, the upcoming 2021 Soul EV is a highly anticipated electronic option.  According to Car and Driver, the  64.0-k battery of this model will outshine the 2019 model.  This 5 passenger hatchback offers an impressive 243 miles of driving range.  With  standard DC fast-charging capability, and smartphone charging pad, getting going is made fast and convenient.  

Twitter- @LawtonKia

With a myriad of fun and innovative options, it is clear that Kia is hoping people will ditch gas and become fully electric!  

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  • Kia has 6 electric, hybrid, or hybrid plugin models for consumers to choose from
  • Kia is increasing accessibility and desire for electric cars
  • Kia has partnered with Amazon to make buying and installing at home charging kits easy
  • Niro EV starts at $39,090 and Niro EV offers an EPA-estimated 239-mile range
  • The Niro EC has 100kW charging,, and gets an 80% charge in 30 minutes
  • The upcoming 2021 Kia Soul EV will have a 64.0-k battery and 243 miles of driving range

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What People Are Saying About Mini Cooper Going Electric— Again

Washington (GGM) Analysis | August 5, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

With all of the Nissan Leafs and Chevy Bolts on the road today, it may seem hard to remember when electric vehicles, EVs, were uncommon. However, only ten years ago, EVs were virtually unattainable to the average person. It was only in 2009 that the first major car manufacturer released over 500 EVs for private use— and no, it was not Tesla. It was BMW’s Mini Cooper!  

Though nearly ten thousand people signed up to lease Mini’s original EV– the Mini E– the vehicle was never intended for mass production. In March of 2020, Mini Cooper put more than just their toes in the water, with the release of their first real line of EVs: the Mini Cooper Hardtop SE. Starting at $29,900, this stylish and spunky roadster is one of the most affordable electric cars around.

Instagram – @pepperandgold 

According to Car and Driver, the car “has a 32.6-kWh battery pack and a single electric motor that produces 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque.” It has agile handling, a high-tech interior, and of course, the distinctive Mini aesthetic. Additionally, the SE sports an adjustable regenerative braking system, as well as a state of the art heat-pump that is 75% more efficient than traditional electric designs.  

The only real flaw in this adorable Mini is the range. The Mini Cooper SE has 110 miles of electric range, while competitors, like Hyundai or Kia have over 200 miles of range. On a positive note, the SE comes with a 3-prong charging cord that will fit into any standard outlet. In combination with the available at-home wallbox chargers and the increasing availability of public charging stations, this makes range less of an issue.   Plus, when using Fast DC Charging Stations, average users get an 80% charge in about 35 minutes.

Twitter – @MyUrbanCar

All in all, people are excited about the style, handling, and affordability of this Zero-Emission car. Pulling up in the Mini Cooper’s newly released SE will not disappoint!

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  • In 2009 Mini Cooper released 500 EVs for private usethe Mini E
  • The Mini E was never intended for mass production
  • In March of 2020, Mini Cooper released of their first real line of EVs: the Mini Cooper Hardtop SE
  • The base model starts at $29,900
  • The SE produces 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque
  • The SE has a state of the art heat-pump that is 75% more efficient than traditional electric designs
  • At home charging and the increase in public charging stations makes the 110 miles of electric range less of an issue

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Is Elon Musk Mother Nature’s New Price Charming?

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 23, 2020 by Sarah J. Kings

In March of 2020, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced the search for the perfect location for his newest factory. Not unlike Prince Charming’s country-wide invitation to the castle ball in Cinderella, people far and wide waited in anticipation over Musk’s Choice. July 22nd, a statement was released, saying that the new facility will be built in Austin, Texas.

Twitter- @tedcruz

Unlike other car companies, Tesla far outperformed in earnings despite the global pandemic, reporting four consecutive profitable quarters. This boost for Tesla means a boost for the economy and a major boost for the planet.

Musk announced that the Cybertruck factory will be open to the public. With walking trails, bike paths, a boardwalk, and fish-filled streams, he described the park-like facility as an “ecological paradise.” This new destination will surely bring tourism dollars, but the real economic growth will come from the 5,000 new jobs needed at the site.

The economic buzz surrounding Musk’s latest venture is exciting, but the real news lies in the cars! Tesla promises that from the facility will come four new vehicles, the long-awaited Cyber Truck, the Tesla Semi, the Model Y, and the Model 3. The addition of these new EVs, along with Tesla’s unexpected boost in earnings, means more electric vehicles on the road. Considering the fact that every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2, this is very big news for Mother Nature!


  • On July 22nd, 2020, Elon Musk announced that the new Tesla factory will be built in Austin, Texas
  • Tesla far outperformed in earnings, reporting four consecutive profitable quarters
  • The facility will be a park-like destination boasting walking trails, bike paths, a boardwalk, and fish-filled streams
  • The new Tesla factory will create at least 5,000 new jobs 
  • The facility will produce a Cyber Truck, the Tesla Semi, the Model Y, and the Model 3

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Tulsa and Tesla: Newest Battleground in EV Fight

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 15, 2020 by Erika Browning

In 1901, oil was discovered in Tulsa—the Red Fork area to be exact, which is where my grandfather lives to this day. Within a short five years, Tulsa was declared the “Oil Capital of the World”. This title has been worn proudly by this incredible little city for well over a century. It’s a source of pride that locals have rigs on their land or receive mineral rights for oil supplies.

Beyond Tulsa’s history, its present is also wrapped up in oil. Conoco Phillips is headquartered just a short 45 minutes away in Bartlesville. Oil giants like Waite Phillips, and William Skelly made astronomical amounts of money off the oil that sits underneath the city. When oil prices dip, the effects are felt economically by thousands of Oklahomans. Financial investments depreciate, jobs are on the cutting board, and families worry about paying bills. And that’s just a threat that can be seen coming—let alone when an unforeseen shock to the system occurs. The latter effect was painfully felt when my husband’s company laid off a significant number of its workers during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. This is a company that hasn’t had such a layoff in its entire 100 years.

Twitter – @GovStitt

Despite its reliance on oil, Tulsa is also a thriving, progressive city. Citizens are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life. I often call Tulsa “my little purple mecca in a desperately red state”. In June 2020, it was announced that Tulsa was in the final running for Elon Musk’s new Tesla truck plant—against Austin, TX. While I do sincerely love the diversity and culture in Austin, Tulsa desperately needs this.

The Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory would bring in up to 10,000 jobs to a city that deserves to be appreciated. Tulsa offers the romantic pull of Route 66, a diverse populus and a storied history of hard working men and women. There are currently several charging stations for electric vehicles in the Tulsa area, with many more planned as the need arises. With the apparent reversal of our local energy dependence on the horizon, some die-hard oil folk might be resistant to the idea of Tesla being such a prominent fixture in Tulsa. But I assure you, more citizens are in complete support of this move than not.

Twitter – @Tulsa4Tesla

Why can’t oil and renewable energy coexist? Sure, the goal is ultimately to end our dependence on fossil fuels, especially if we have any hope of leaving a sustainable planet for future generations. One thing I have learned about my fellow citizens is this: we are reluctant to change but when given the right guidance and tools, we don’t need to be afraid. It could be just the step we need to kickstart climate change in the right direction in one of the most conservative, oil-dependant states in the US.

Oklahomans aren’t stupid, we are proud. We are a large group of people who have had to adapt for generations. Change may take a bit more time, and we are behind the coastal states, but I believe this could make a great impact in leading to change. I also firmly believe that should the country see such a deep red, oil loving state turn its sights to EVs, it could snowball through to the rest of the red states. ♻️

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No More Oil | A Call to Action

Washington (GGM) Analysis | July 14, 2020 by Erika Browning

We have all heard the warnings. Personally, I can’t remember a time in all my 42 years where the big “what ifs” weren’t on a constant loop. What if we don’t loosen our grip on fossil fuel? What if we don’t find alternative energies? What if we don’t recycle & continue to fill up precious land with our garbage? 

My questions go a bit deeper. As an expat living in Europe, I was utterly shocked at the lengths people go to to try to turn back the doomsday clock on climate change. 

Imagine how baffled I was when I learned that not only are Europeans, (Germans specifically) willing to work towards saving the planet, they are adamant about it. Don’t dare try to stick a plastic bottle in a regular rubbish bin. Car not up-to-par on emissions standards? You’ll be needing a new one that can pass muster. I took trains all over that magnificent countryside. Fields of solar panels lined the tracks in several regions, side by side with fields of hops or vineyards. Modern windmills generate energy, dotting quaint farms that don’t look as if history has touched their walls in centuries. 

Twitter – @SamTalksTesla

Coming from a lifetime in the United States, specifically a city that was quite literally built on a giant oil well, I’ve fully experienced the rabid grip this country has on its oil. As I write, I am looking across the river at massive refineries, smelling the by-products & seeing lights flicker as workers pass by. When an organization does something like offering up alternatives to oil, the whole state gets fired up. This is people’s livelihood! This is people’s land that has provided for them for well over a hundred years. 

These are people whose whole lives have revolved around oil: whether it be production, sales, manufacturing, or, of course, consumption. I suppose the difference between here and Europe could be something as simple as “cultural history”. But I believe more strongly that most of the reasons that Americans are so opposed to change is information related, whether accurate or not. 

Twitter – @ClausMiler17

We all can agree that something must change. Someone, somewhere must find a way to point their fellow countrymen in the right direction. But how? Let’s start with education. For the next several weeks I will be sharing some ideas, both large and small scale, that you can use as a consumer to make a positive change. I will be dutifully researching various methods that worked elsewhere and finding paths to apply those same methods in this incredible country. 

Whether it’s setting up a recycling program in your area, or petitioning for charging stations for electric vehicles, we will come up with some easy ways to make changes to your community, and maybe some ways that will be met with some resistance but also with the tools you’ll need to get these ideas in play.

Twitter – @JohnEG78

We have to do better. Our kids and grandkids deserve to live life in a safe environment that won’t be detrimental to their health and well-being. It’s time to start caring about the planet we are leaving behind, in fact, it’s past time.  

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Three States with the Most Charging Stations | Can You Guess?

Washington (GGM) Analysis | June 4, 2020 | by Noreen Wise

After three months of staying at home, (and happy to do so), I must admit that I’ve never been so eager to plan a road trip this summer. Public transportation is still quite worrisome, but driving is an ideal option for social distancing while traveling. In fact, I’ve determined it’s the safest transportation option available.

With so many restaurants offering curbside pickup, and the empty highways luring me to take advantage of this unique opportunity, it’s exciting to ponder which destinations to add to my list. This may be the best summer ever to travel across country?

Is my exuberance getting the best of me?

Perhaps, but I was excited to read today that the three states with the most EV charging stations are:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida

Texas surprised me, actually. I had no idea that Texans were buying EV’s, but apparently they are. Excellent. Here’s a link that identifies where all the EV charging stations are located across America.

Facial coverings are needed at gas pumps and rest stops. Interestingly, I’m finding that it’s very easy to forget we’re in the middle of a pandemic when I travel. I better follow the great example I’ve seen and hang a face mask from the rearview mirror so I don’t get stuck without one. Happy travels. 😷

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EV Charging Stations for Curbside Pickup | Solutions

Washington (GGM) Analysis | June 2, 2020

After three months of staying home, and my commitment to keep on keeping on because it truly is much safer at home, I’ve now become passionate about curbside pickup. It’s such a positive and beneficial reason to get out of the house while still maintaining safe distances.

Last night I had the great fortune of hanging out in Bertucci’s parking lot for ten minutes while I waited for my delicious, piping hot four cheese ravioli. (I love how hot Italian takeout is. If I make ravioli at home, it’s never the same temperature as that of an Italian restaurant. I’ll speculate it’s the oven.) I felt inspired while I waited and soon began to imagine a dozen EV charging stations under the pretty trees, with cars attached to each one. (This was a particularly beautiful parking lot. Big and spacious with lots of nature.)

Charging stations seem like the perfect solution for mitigating the negatives of safer at home. There are so many incentives that businesses can use to fund the installation of EV charging stations. Installing charging stations that are funded by incentives are a painless way for struggling businesses to create jobs. More charging stations, results in more EV car purchases, which results in even more jobs. More charging stations at restaurants in particular equates to increased curbside pickup. This is so easy, and it all begins with the plethora of available incentives and tax credits and partnership with governors who are hoping that businesses will cut emissions quicker to reach the state targets.

Thank you Bertucci’s. This vision all began with your outdoor sign letting passerbys know you were open for curbside pickup. I immediately pulled in and called from the parking lot. Maybe you can throwback to the 50’s and have rollerbladers deliver meals to the cars the way I’ve seen in movies, and have music blaring in the parking lot for a feel good vibe which will make us order more food and hang out longer.

Let’s DO THIS!🎸

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